Applecheck Hopon Setup


Here’s how to setup the Applecheck Hopon Application

1, Go to and download the correct version of the software for your machine by clicking on the green arrow next to your system. Once downloaded go to your Downloads and double click to open.

2, After double clicking the installer you will be presented with the below screen. Press ‘Agree’ to continue the installation.

3, After a short period of time for the application to open you will the be presented with the below screen. From here you will need to double click the icon at the top to launch the application

*Note: You should also drag the icon at the top to your Applications for easy access in the future

4, You will most likely be presented with this next screen, press ‘OK’

If not see this screen please skip to step

5, After clicking on ‘OK’ open System Preferences by going to the Apple Logo in the top left.

Once in System Preferences open Security and Privacy

6,  Once in Security and Privacy you should see that there is an ‘Open Anyway’ option in the centre of the screen. Click this and the application should open. If not, go back to the Installer Window and open the App

7. You will then be presented with the next screen. Click ‘Open’

8. After clicking on ‘Open’ you will be presented with the next screen. Please enter the Details as required. You will be provided the Password Separately


Lastly, if you don’t already have them installed, here are the links to each of the Java Downloads, we would suggest installing both of them.


• Apple’s Legacy Java Installer

• Java’s Latest Mac Installer




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