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Booking in T & C’s

Terms and Conditions


‘The Customer’ – As detailed in the Booking Form
‘The Company’ – Applecheck (Essex) Limited / Applecheck Services Ltd
‘The Equipment’ – Items of equipment as detailed in the Booking Form
‘The System’ – Items of equipment as installed and inter connected
‘The Service’ – Any such service required in relation to the Booking Form

These terms and conditions shall prevail over any proposed by The Customer or implied by The Company or its employees.


The Company shall carry out the service / assessment / diagnostic in accordance with the provisions detailed in the Booking Form.
The Company will inspect the equipment and shall undertake to carry out such repair / maintenance / upgrade / service work as necessary.
The Company shall not be liable for any claim made by The Customer regarding the machine function, condition or existence of data.
If The Company forms the opinion that the equipment or any part of it cannot be economically maintained The Company will provide The Customer with an estimate of the costs of reconditioning, repairing or replacing all or part of the equipment.
*Workshop Only – The Company will inform The Customer should the cost exceed the standard service / assessment / diagnostic charge of £35 + VAT.


  • Workshop Booking

The Customer authorizes The Company to conduct a service / assessment / diagnostic and agrees to meet the costs of such.
The Customer should have a working backup of data as The Company can not guarantee this and it may involve a data recovery service.
The Customer should ensure that they have all relevant software licenses.
The Customer shall pay all fees relating to The Service on collection / return of goods.
The Customer should ensure that the item is delivered, packed and transported appropriately.
The Customer shall pay for any damages / repairs to equipment which is hired or loaned.
The Company rejects any liability for works carried out by a third party prior to booking.
If a payment / collection is not met within 60 days The Customer’s goods may be retained in lieu of payment or be sold / disposed of.

Call Outs (In addition to above)

The Customer is to ensure The Company’s technical staff have free and timely access to the equipment and The Customer shall provide adequate working space and other such facilities as the technical staff may reasonably require.
The Customer shall observe all statutory requirements in respect of Health & Safety Legislation.
The Customer shall pay all fees relating to The Service immediately unless otherwise informed by The Company prior to visit.


The Company will not be liable for failure to meet its obligations under this Agreement if the failure is a result of;
Act of God
Refusal of Licence
Fire explosion, accident or industrial dispute
Unavailable spare parts


Most service /repair parts are provided with a 3 Month Warranty with the exception of new Computers, Screens, Routers, etc that are provided with a Manufacturers One Year Warranty. As Applecheck are a service provider – not a retail outlet, we do not hold replacement stock and it is the final decision of the supplier as to whether the part warranty replacement is honoured e.g. any evidence of physical damage or force to the item will result in the warranty being rejected.


The Company reserves the right to make a charge in respect of time and expenses incurred by The Company in the event of a call to attend to faults which transpire not to be contained within the equipment or the system.
Fast Track Service is charged at an additional £50 + VAT

In the event any additional payment becomes due under the terms of this Agreement, such sums shall be paid within 30 days of the date of The Company’s invoice.
In the event any account is in arrears for more than 30 days (If credit was granted) The Company reserves the right to charge late payment fees.


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