Connect to Server


Here’s how to connect to your server 

1, Ensure that you are in the finder by clicking on the desktop.
In the top bar go to ‘Go’ and down to ‘Connect to Server’
The shortcut for this is CMD + K for quick access

2, Once you have selected the ‘Connect to Server’ option you will be presented with the ‘Connect to Server’ window. You will need to enter the Server Address which will be provided separately. The server address may start with either afp:// or smb://

*NOTE* Once you have entered the Server Address you can press the + to the right of the text box to add it to your favourites

3, After pressing ‘Connect’ you will be asked to input your Username and Password
These would have been provided to you by a technician separately
*NOTE* Make sure that you tick the box for ‘Remember this password in my keychain’
This will ensure you do not have to reenter the password if the server connection drops

4, Once you have pressed ‘Connect’ you will be presented with all the shares you have access to
Simply select the shares that you wish to access and press ‘Ok’

5, After clicking on ‘OK’ you should see that the share shortcuts will now be on your desktop
(If you do not see them on your desktop, in the menu in the top left, go to Finder>Preferences>General and tick Connected server)

6,  You can add these to your Dock at the bottom by simply dragging them down to the right hand side of the Dock. You can also add them to your Favourites Bar on the left of a Finder window by holding down the CMD key dragging them individually


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