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Internet, Domain management

Can you remember what work was like before the Internet came along? Sorry, that’s a terrible image to conjure up but unfortunately, many people are forced to face life without the Internet when their system fails.

Few companies can survive for very long without an online connection these days. Even a few hours of down time can lose new customers and frustrate existing ones.

Maintaining a solid and secure web service is crucial to keep your business ticking over smoothly. That includes your Internet, email and any other web-based services that you depend on and you clearly don’t want to be held in a call centre queue to get the issue resolved.

Applecheck works with longstanding partners to provide a reassuringly reliable Internet connection and we can monitor your connections through our direct portal to your local telephone exchange. This means that we take the strain for you, leaving you free to get on with what you do best.

Applecheck can also securely manage your domains and host your websites through a variety of server solutions. And because we like the belt and braces approach, we can offer you full support via telephone and our Support Portal, utilising our Hopon, IP Sec and VPN solutions. Further more, we offer both onsite and offsite backups through our Cloud StorageHub service too.