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IT Support Hertfordshire

Apple Mac Computers and hardware are known for their superior build quality and reliability but unfortunately things do still go wrong.

Whether it be a software fix, replacement hard drive, data recovery, a smashed screen or spilled drink shorting the Logic Board of your Apple Mac computer, Applecheck can help. Applecheck can help with the repair of your Apple iMac, Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro, Apple MacPro and even your old Apple Mac G5, Apple PowerBook or iBook if need be. In fact, only this week we were visited with an Apple Mac LC.

Apple Mac Computers are not simply PC’s and should never be treated as such. You chose to invest in an up market product for longevity and so clearly it is best to be given a regular service by an Apple Mac expert to sustain it’s high performance.

We’re always happy to give advise on how to get the best performance from your Mac and so we’ll of course advise you on any upgrades that may be beneficial to you, we can help with far more than just the Apple Mac Repairs.

Apple Computer Maintenance

Sometimes turning it off and turning it on again just isn’t enough. It may be that your Apple Computer is in need of Maintenance. Computers are machines that can overheat, components can fail, and data can get lost or corrupt. Or you may just be demanding too much from your current set-up.

We will fully assess your machines and then advise you on how to get the best from your investment. This doesn’t necessarily mean buying new kit, because we’re very good at souping up your existing kit.

It may be a cliché, but it’s true; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By giving your computers regular health checks, along with an occasional spot of first aid, we can keep them clean, up to speed and up to date. This helps to reduce the risk of problems that can slow you and your business down.