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Quality Apple Mac Upgrades in Essex

Upgrade your apple mac today with Applecheck when looking for reputable companies that carry out professional upgrades in Essex. Here at Applecheck Services, we are able to upgrade your current system so you will never have to fork out more money for a replacement. We are able to carry out a wide variety of upgrades in order to restore your current computer to its former glory.

No matter the circumstance, expect us to complete the job in the most cost-effective and logical solution possible. So, if you’re looking for more information on how we can upgrade your apple mac, contact Applecheck today.

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New Apple Macs


RAM Upgrades

AppleCheck can upgrade your RAM (Random Access Memory), RAM is required by the System / OS and the Applications. If there is not enough RAM, you are sure to see a slow down in the performance of your computer. This is a great way of boosting the performance of your system.

Hard Drive/SSD Upgrades

We can upgrade or replace the Hard Drive, this will enable further storage capacity for your Data and Applications and provide further cache/scratch disk space that can help performance. This can be carried out by either replacing the Hard Drive with a larger one or by installing an SSD (Solid State Drive).

Software (OS)/Apple Upgrades

We can also carry out Software OS (Operating System) and upgrades based on your specific requirements and limitations to your machine BUT not before carrying out a full backup and service of your Mac to ensure the safety of your Data. Simply get in touch to find out more information.

Looking for any of these upgrades?

Why choose Apple Check for an upgrade?

When it comes to upgrading your Mac, it is crucial to ensure that you are picking the right people for the job. At AppleCheck Services, we have professional technicians to carry out various upgrades to ensure that your computer is running at its best performance possible. Because we have been around for a while, we have managed to build long-lasting working relationships with all of our clients which has them coming back for more when looking to upgrade their systems.

Whether you’re looking for RAM upgrades or SSD upgrades in Essex or in any of the surrounding areas, Apple Check Services can provide you with a service that is cost-effective, logical and quick. So, for more information on all of our upgrading services, get in touch today for more information on how we can help you.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Its always a pleasure to come to Applecheck for assistance. Their knowledge and understanding of Apple Mac products is second to none. Thank your excellent assistance once again.
Chris Baker
17:59 08 May 24
Many thanks to Applecheck for tackling my unwell MacBook as well as offering some very welcome advice regarding our next Apple product.Well done Applecheck - money we’ll spent.
John Emberson
16:50 08 May 24
Applecheck are a refreshing change in an over-priced world of poor service and substandard advice. Applecheck provide a professional service, honest advice and all for a reasonable charge. I would not hesitate to recommend Applecheck.
barry brooks
16:24 22 Apr 24
My Macbook Air wasn't charging up and I was worried it would be an expensive problem. However, it was soon sorted out by Julian at Applecheck and for a very reasonable cost. Applecheck has always been very helpful with repairs and advice.
Carolyn Crawley
20:53 25 Mar 24
Fantastic service, I had an online service of an iMac I purchased from Applecheck 3 years back. the backup service is first class!
Ian Ward
17:11 14 Mar 24
Great service with good advice. Very quick and efficient. Highly recommend .
Pauline Glanville
11:08 05 Mar 24
Fantastic Service, my iMac is fairly old and slowed down to crawling pace, I telephone Applecheck and within 3 days it was upgraded and picked up ready for use, it is now as fast as it was when it was new. I also thought the price was very reasonable for what they did for me. Would defiantly use them again and would not think twice about sending my friends to Applecheck.
Wayne Robert
15:06 26 Feb 24
Third time using Applecheck. Excellent service on every occasion
Jonathan Harris
12:04 01 Feb 24
Excellent service. It's the second time I've used Applecheck Services and I've had a good experience both times.
Elizabeth “Biza” Walker
09:18 01 Feb 24
Great friendly service, Julian very knowledgable and repair ready in 24 hours! Excellent!
Phil B
09:23 09 Nov 23
Replaced my Macbook pro battery. Was super helpful and friendly and got it sorted around the times I was free. Highly recommend.
Ben Thomas
09:50 04 Sep 23
We’ve used Applecheck 3 times and they are excellent and reasonably priced. You can trust them to do a good job. Recommended.
Cerys Hogg
16:57 06 Jul 23
I have a 27inch iMac and it went “pop” and was dead. Took the machine to Apple who said we can’t fix it but can recycle for free? Took the machine to Applecheck and within 4 hours they had it working again good as new, and at a reasonable price for the repairMay Thanks
Anthony Cotterrill
09:52 22 Jun 23
Although this took a while to get my computers in to be serviced, due to the high demand of people using this company (which I always consider it to be a good sign). It was well worth the wait. A fair and honest company, who did an excellent job and they were very patient with me. Reasonably priced and even refused to take extra money from me for doing such a good job. Will definitely recommend and be using them again
13:45 21 Jun 23
Apple Macbook Pro successfully repaired. The charging port and charger were burnt out and both replaced. Laptop back to new performance. Very satisfied and reasonable charges.
David Waters
16:18 17 Jun 23
Really friendly service and knowledgeable staff. Really helped me with my MacBook space bar that had an issue.Instead of having to replace the entire keyboard, just the space bar was fixed, saving me considerable amounts of money. Thanks very much
Lewis Groombridge
18:30 12 May 23
Excellent service from Julian. Very, very helpful at all times and a wonderful ability to resolve issues quickly. A pleasure to do business with him.
Geoff Meredith
19:15 05 Apr 23
They fitted a new battery in my old iPhone SE, saved me getting a new one, very quick, professional and efficient service.
Steven Abbott
17:17 15 Feb 23
My company has used Applecheck for over four years now and they have been brilliant and the best IT support provider we have used
Lee Baker
16:37 19 Jan 23
Matt was kind enough to accommodate me as a walk in. He was able to assess the ipad issue and fix it while I waited. Great customer service. Definitely recommend.
Philippa Peters
12:40 17 Jan 23
Replaced my laptop battery the same day I brought it in, and as a nice touch gave my laptop a clean at the end of it – looks and works like new!
David W
23:00 12 Dec 22
Excellent service and very helpful. Definitely recommend apple check! Got our iMac working better than it ever did!
Louisa Levy
21:57 16 Nov 22
Very helpful team, successfully recovered two hard drives for me, while two others they have referred me to another supplier as they are a bit more fried. Also replaced a screen on an old Mac Book Pro quickly and easily.
Mike Bromfield
12:53 15 Nov 22
Really friendly guys who know their stuff and get the job done with no fuss. I would definitely recommend them if you're having MAC trouble
Chris Sewell
20:13 10 Nov 22
So helpful, super quick turn around and expert advice. 100% recommend.
chelsea homeopathy
15:30 10 Aug 22
Excellent service, brought my computer back to life. Very quick in sorting it out and I am very happy with the outcome. Will definitely use again and I do recommend Applecheck services.
chinwe Okoroafor
16:05 03 Aug 22
Apple store at Lakeside told us our iMac had failed and that we would lose all of our data. We took it to Applecheck Services who recovered the data we needed at a very reasonable price with a friendly service from Matt. Would definitely recommend.
Lewis W
10:49 05 Jul 22
Matt is extremely helpful and had my Mac back to me in under half a day!Very quick and efficient service. I would definitely recommend Applecheck to family and friends.thanks!!!!!!!!
John D
14:06 31 May 22
Matt is extremely helpful and had my Mac back to me in under half a day, I could not fault the service if I tried!
Rob Lintern
17:29 13 May 22
Matt at AppleCheck did a great job on my Macbook Air keyboard. I managed to break it so no key would type the correct command. Within 3 days they had found the problem, replaced the keyboard and got it back up and running again. I can confirm it is now working perfectly.
Lewis Stevenson
12:13 07 Apr 22
Very quick and efficient service. I would definitely recommend Applecheck to family and friends.
Brian Skelton
15:52 06 Apr 22
THE BEST BY FAR!Never before have I ever experienced such a great and responsible service. The whole communication was so immediate and clear before I had to take my iMac (late 2015 model) to the shop.So I drop it off on Monday at 9:30 and about ONE hour later (at 10:17) !!!I had a full report about what had to be done with my PC.THE NEXT DAY (!) I was informed that my Mac was ready to go(!!) and I was asked when I would be able to collect it!Matt brought my iMac back to life, which is now flying with the SSD upgrade he made!I couldn't expect anything better!!
Elena Spyropoulou
16:15 13 Mar 22
I had my imac upgraded here, they guys we're great. Really quick to respond with a quote and advice as to what my best options were. Quick turn around and great service. Thank you
Ben Wrigley
16:13 04 Mar 22
The service was fast, the cost was reasonable, and the staff are knowledgeable.
Tyrone Martin
14:17 22 Dec 21
If you need anything Apple don't go anywhere else, first class service and support.
Justin Blue
15:55 28 Oct 21
Applecheck fixed my MacBook Pro that apple had told me couldn’t be fixed! Not only that they managed to save all the data on the hard drive which was I originally contacted them about saving.If you apple device is broken it’s definitely worth letting them have a look.Will definitely be using them again.
Colin Gladstone
07:57 21 Aug 21
Service beyond expectations, very happy. Good communication and quick turnaround.
Lorika Strickland
14:01 13 Aug 21
Really really impressed!!! The screen to my MacBook Air was severely cracked and through a Google search came across Applecheck. I did speak to Apple but of course need to make an appointment to make an appointment yada yada and couldn’t give any kind of estimate of time or price either on the phone. Applecheck gave a quote straightaway on the phone and said that may only take a day. True to - no better than their word they ordered the part on the day (Wednesday), called to confirm that it had arrived within 24 hours, and arranged an appointment for the following day - Friday. On Friday within 3 hours Max I had dropped off the laptop and it was returned looking brand new and fixed. I’m so happy that I discovered this place and can’t recommend them enough. The guys are lovely, really helpful and consumate professionals. Thank you Julian so much 🙂
Samira Raja
11:00 29 May 21
Applecheck staff are eager to help and provide a thorough and reliable service. I'm a returning customer and wouldn't want to take my Mac anywhere else.
Inny Goossens
19:58 19 May 21
Responded at 9am when open after sending a message the night before.Very helpful, and good value for money.Very quick turnaround, with battery replacement in a few hours as opposed to Apple's 2-3 day turnaround.
Matt H
12:59 30 Apr 21
Absolutely superb service with speed and efficiency.Thanks Julian
Anthony Ingram
15:31 16 Mar 21
I would thoroughly recommend Applecheck! It’s not cheap, but the guys know what they are doing! I had my apple laptop iBook pro 1999 version serviced upgraded, much needed for my uniwork as a much more mature student! Apple family users may have to call on the guys as a laptop has died?
Lynn Del Bianco
10:38 14 Mar 21
Always go to these guys, affordable and always punctual!! Extremely friendly, couldn't ask for a better service.
Kane Cameron
11:36 25 Feb 21
it is very productive having a computer repair centre in the community especially during lockdown while a lot of self-employe people like myself work from home. I will definitely be using the service in the future as this works perfect for me in terms of location and the level of professionalism they offer.Having my laptop fixed in just less than three hours is absolutely brilliant.
17:42 18 Feb 21
Our Mac mini wouldn’t boot, took it into Matt (good covid secure procedures being observed) who diagnosed a faulty fusion drive. Have a very reasonable price to replace the drive and transfer the OS over. The job was done very quickly and the Mac is working better than ever now. I highly recommend this company for any computer needs.
BigDog Henderson
11:52 17 Feb 21
Julian at Applecheck have been great at sorting out my iMac problems. Quickly finding out that my iMac issues were terminal and rebuilding a completely mirrored iMac as a solution. I would highly recommend Applecheck if you have any issues with your Apple computer products.
jo khatri
11:05 15 Dec 20
Great service, sorted out my laptop problems really quickly and professionally. Helpful and easy to deal with. Thanks Applecheck would definitely recommend your services.
Dinah Case
18:52 18 Nov 20
Friendly service, job done, good to have local expertise close to home
Cheryl Chant
18:43 21 Oct 20
Great service, super fast, very knowledgable. Will definitely be using these chaps again! Thank you.
Rob Mells
14:17 03 Sep 20
Had a great experience with Apple Check in the upgrading of my iMac. Not only were the guys responsive, their advice was perfect for my needs and accepted. Typing this review with my newly-souped-up iMac running like a breeze! Thank you guys!
Graham Perkins
11:14 18 Aug 20
Applecheck were great - convenient, replied quickly and sorted out my busted Macbook at a reasonable price. Cheers
Joe Nicholls
16:47 30 Jul 20
Brilliant experience.After the initial devastation of breaking the screen on his mac my son was told by Apple it was not cost effective to repair and that he should buy a new one.Applecheck not only repaired it , they were so quick and professional and very reasonably priced. Thank you so much 😁
Tracy Rae
15:04 22 Jul 20
Fantastic, professional experience. Very honest about procedure and pricing and excellent friendly service.
Greg Harding
08:29 20 Jul 20
My iMac was getting slower and slower. I contacted Applecheck and asked about an upgrade to get stuff loading a bit quicker.Matt suggested upgrading to a solid state hard drive and on checking out my machine he offered me a smaller drive or the 1TB to replace my 1/4 full 1TB standard drive. I went for the 1TB option and dropped of my machine that evening. Only two days later it was ready, new drive all files and apps migrated the machine was exactly as I left it but way way faster its now a pleasure to use again. Great service at a fair price!!!Thank you all at Applecheck.Nigel Barton
Nigel Barton
15:03 12 Jun 20
I can not thank the team enough. Had a liquid spill which caused my wife's Macbook Air to shut down completely. It would not start no matter what we tried and that is saying something as I consider myself to be technology savvy. After searching around and reading reviews, it became apparent that my best choice was Applecheck (this was after calling Apple and them quoting a ridiculous amount for a repair). After handing my wife's Macbook to the team the previous morning at 11.30am, they had diagnosed and fixed the issue the next day, ready for collection. The staff were friendly but professional, they could tell the relief on my face when they said they had fixed the issues. Would definitely recommend them to anymore who has an Apple product!Thank you team. Thank you Matt for answering all my questions and for getting me out of the doghouse.
Richard Djan
12:45 09 Jun 20
So very pleased with the service I received at Applecheck Services.Not only did they have the part in that was necessary to fix my macbook pro, they did it quickly and concisely - despite the adverse conditions we are currently facing.I'm so very grateful. It was simple, fast, and efficient - with exemplary service. What more can you ask for?
Alex Graves
15:54 20 Apr 20
First met the guys at Apple check when they used to operate from a summerhouse, they have done loads of work for me since, upgrading, fixing and also selling me refurbished macs for the business.They have always been reasonably prices and offered helpful, free advice even when my questions baffled the Apple 'Geniuses'Thanks guys you are ledgends!!!
Robert Grimstead
14:56 16 Mar 20
Had a defective MacBook Air which was diagnosed within a day of receiving. Quoted for the repair which was roughly half that quoted by the manufacturer. Repair work carried out again within a day and all appears in good working order on collection. Friendly service and would use again.
Tim Mahoney
13:55 16 Mar 20
I've taken two macs in for repair over the last month and they've done a fantastic job each time. Great communication throughout.
Luis Cocks
11:41 13 Jan 20
Excellent job. Really pleased and delighted to find a local business for the future.
tim wright
09:04 17 Dec 19
Excellent service and would highly recommend! Took my iMac in to have the RAM and hard drive upgraded and Matt had it completed way sooner than I expected. If you need any repairs/upgrades etc on your apple products, this is the place to go! 🙂
Jade Hammond
19:20 04 Dec 19
Excellent, friendly service and extremely knowledgeable about all things MAC. Reasonable pricing, would fully recommend.
LARK Distribution
11:33 28 Nov 19
First time that we’ve used Applecheck and we were really happy with the service they provided. Professional, friendly and quick in fixing our laptop. Would recommend.
Sally Adams
07:04 28 Nov 19
My iMac wouldn't load beyond the initial chime. I contacted Applecheck and it was fixed within a few days. These guys are honest and reliable, highly recommended!
Steve Coster
17:38 14 Nov 19
AppleCheck did an amazing job on my old Apple Mac which was unusable and extremely slow. They replaced the HD with a SSD and upgraded the OS and memory. Everything is running brilliant again like a brand new Mac. Highly recommend 🙂
Ian Jones
10:22 07 Nov 19
Great service from the Team at Applecheck Services when my Mac died on me. They diagnosed the problems quickly and updated me every step of the way. Thanks again
mark kirkman
13:04 25 Oct 19
Polite and helpful - gave me several options to meet my budget and repair was completed quickly . Thanks
Jeff Appleby
17:17 20 Sep 19
I can't recommend this company enough, I was ready to write off my mac as the hard drive had gone, but Matt bought it back to life, the price was as quoted, no hidden extras and no pressure sales to upgrade, and very reasonable. Very quick service and highly recommended.
BadgeBoy UK
07:09 18 Sep 19
Sad story as the guys had to confirm my ipad was as dead as Monty Pythons parrot , but advised that the parts for that model are really hard to get hold of and just as expensive as buying a new one, and explained what the costs would be if i took it to the official store. Only took a few minutes and they did not charge me. That is 11/10 customer service in my book especially as I did not pay anything so dont really count as a customer.
Roy W-G
13:42 17 Sep 19
Excellent, fast service from Applecheck! After trying other 'laptop repair' services before, I wish i'd have come here in the first place.Highly recommended.
Matt Taylor
13:49 27 Aug 19
Excellent, fast service from Applecheck! After trying other 'laptop repair' services before, I wish i'd have come here in the first place.Highly recommended.
Matt Taylor
13:49 27 Aug 19
Has an issue with my son's iMac (not the first I may add). Found these guys online at Apple heck and was very pleased with the service. Took it in and thoroughly ran tests to diagnose a rare fault but one that was better to fix than to get rid of the Mac which they promptly did. Thanks Matt and everyone at Applecheck.
Keith Knapp
13:26 04 Jul 19
If you live in the Southend Area and own a Mac - you need look no further than Applecheck in Westcliff. They will sort your Mac out in no time and at low cost and they will do you a great job.....and... they are nice people. Easy to do business with and very friendly.If you do not live in the Southend area - I would still recommend you travel to Applecheck for any issues with your Mac.
Malc Seaman
17:33 26 Jun 19
Matt Starns was very professional and helpful dealing with my broken iMac hard drive. In fact I emailed three local companies at the same time regarding this problem and Applecheck were the only ones who replied! I’m glad they did as they replaced my internal hard drive, recovered lost data and completed the work in a timely and professional manner. Communication was also excellent.Will definitely use them again if I have any problems. Recommended unconditionally. A+
Patrick Iredale
18:43 25 Jun 19
Matt Starns was very professional and helpful dealing with my broken iMac hard drive. In fact I emailed three local companies at the same time regarding this problem and Applecheck were the only ones who replied! I’m glad they did as they replaced my internal hard drive, recovered lost data and completed the work in a timely and professional manner. Communication was also excellent.Will definitely use them again if I have any problems. Recommended unconditionally. A+
Patrick Iredale
18:43 25 Jun 19
Lyn Parker
09:32 24 Jun 19
great service and advicegood prices compared to the main Apple dealer
mandip heer
15:47 16 Jun 19
Brilliant rapid service of my frozen Mac. Great customer service and repair by Matt.
Aman Chandra FRCOphth PhD
18:33 22 May 19
New from moment i choose applecheck to fix my imac 27in i had found the right place couldn't of asked for better service thankyou and will know where to come in the future.
09:05 18 May 19
Very fast efficient service,will definitely use this company again..
elizabeth sayer
15:39 30 Apr 19
First class guys I've used for the last couple of years. Any problems with your Mac, take it along and they'll sort it at a good price without ripping you off.
David Silk
22:51 26 Apr 19
A five star service from Applecheck Services!These guys (especially Matt) were super friendly, understanding and so patient with me.If you’re looking for a fast, reliable and 5 star service, this is the company!I thought my Mac was ready for computer tech heaven, so thanks for fixing and giving me an honest quote too.Thank you for getting my Mac back up and running I can now enjoy using it again.Great doing business with you!Big love! Lou
Louisa Thomas
17:27 17 Apr 19
Fast response, got my IMac seen and upgraded in less then 48hours. Helpful alway keeping me informed via email on the status of the upgrade. Very happy with service and a great team to deal with.
Jon Pilkington
09:44 28 Mar 19
Asked the guys to help me sort out my old iMac and bring it up to speed without losing my old files and workings!!! within 2 days new hard drive and some other bits and bobs and I was back up and running.Super fast and friendly with a very fair price can't recommend enough
Barry McWee
19:40 07 Mar 19
Great (and quick) service. Highly recommended.
Richard Onslow
13:13 06 Feb 19
friendly efficient service at a reasonable price
Patricia Sampson
20:25 31 Jan 19
Excellent customer service! I took my laptop to these guys, after chatting to a few 'mac repair centres'. These seemed the most likely to understand and fix my problem - and I was not disappointed. They were so helpful and reasonable. They even fixed it in the same day.Will definitely be using again.Thanks so much guys! Keep up the good work!
Anna Marie Cooper
18:26 16 Jan 19
So pleased to find a local Apple specific IT company that provided such a quick & efficient service. Can't recommended Julian & Applecheck highly enough.
zak fettroll
09:34 29 Nov 18
Had a problem with our iMac (it stopped working) and couldn't face the Apple Store. Luckily we found Applecheck in Southend. Matt (and Julian) were great and whilst the iMac was uneconomical to repair Matt sourced a new iMac for us and was able to save / transfer all our data. Super fast, friendly and reliable. After care great too. Would highly recommend to anyone with Apple product issues. Fantastic service. Thanks guys - Andy Grylls (Rayleigh).
Andy Grylls
18:15 25 Oct 18
Apart from solving the problem with my machine, the reassurance of speaking to a kindly expert and having good advice was super. Now it's like having a new machine again!
David Park
10:47 07 Oct 18
These guys are great. Could not access I pad because of passcode. They had it up and running in a couple of hours for a small fee. Brilliant
Gary Warner
06:08 05 Oct 18
These did a good job for me: good value and no fuss. Recommended.
Stephen Cummins
13:44 17 Sep 18
Couldn't recommend enough. Very professional and friendly. Applecheck helped me replace my Mac and got my data transferred and the new machine set up very quickly. Back online now and very happy. Thank you.
Graham Hawes
16:42 06 Sep 18
I couldn't thank the guys at AppleCheck enough, not only did they diagnose the problem in a matter of a few hours, they saved me a ton of money in the process.Literally couldn't be anymore happy with the service they gave me. I highly recommend and will be going back again!
Kane Cameron
11:20 09 Aug 18
Fantastic service from a great team of very knowledgeable people! Matt and Julian always went he extra mile to help. My hundreds of questions were never a problem and always answered quickly and helpfully. If you have a problem with a Mac or just need an upgrade I recommend Applecheck for great prices and excellent personal service.
Joe Belcher
15:57 30 Jul 18
Excellent service, Polite and well mannered Gentleman. Very quick turn over time with my Macbook pro and price for his service was lower than i had expected. 100% recommend Applecheck Services Ltd as a place to take your Apple products if your local or not.
Dwealth Media
12:06 16 Jul 18
Excellent service, top professional who know about Mac systems my computer is working as fast as anything and very thankful for the assistance and help for certain ant Mac problems in Essex areas or surrounding for certain give these guys a shout!
J Barrow
16:02 26 Mar 18
Great service, friendly and helpful. These guys know Apple products. Upgraded a slow conventional hard drive to a super quick SSD on my wifes 27 Inch iMac. Very happy!
Lee Mann
18:17 21 Mar 18
I've not had to use AppleCheck that often, but each time I have they have made me feel like one of their best customers. There quality of service is second to none; with super-fast response and real value for money. Simply don't look anywhere else for keeping your Apple products running at their best! Thank You AppleCheck!
Colin Online
09:43 08 Mar 18
Matt and Julian have been INCREDIBLE! My boyfriend found Applecheck services on Google for me after my Mac broke and I couldn't recommend these guys enough; really helpful, professional and also transparent with me throughout the whole process! Would definitely use them again and recommend to others - thanks guys!
Frock Me I'm Famous
10:01 01 Mar 18
A great local company with helpful technical support delivered in relaxed and very friendly atmosphere. Matt and a Julian are extremely skilled and knowledgable. Their customer service is fantastic, will definitely return if I have a problem in the future.
Mark Lewis
19:31 19 Feb 18
We cannot recommend Applecheck enough! They are a fantastic company who deal with all of our computer repairs. The service is always very fast and they always know what repair is the most cost effective. Our last repair of a Mac took less then a day to be completed. They managed to recover all of the data that we thought may have been lost.
I Love Fancy Dress
17:24 22 Jan 18
I recently booked my Mac in for a repair of the hard drive, I was so happy with the work and the very friendly customer service i received. The guys down at Applecheck came very well rerecorded to me by friends and family and they did not disappoint. Fantastic work!!
George Nesnas
17:21 22 Jan 18
I have taken a couple of Apple products to Applecheck recently. Both times the work was done, on time, to an excellent standard and at a very reasonable price. If you are in Essex and have a Mac or iPad that needs sorting don’t hesitate to contact them. Highly recommended!
David MacGregor
00:10 20 Jan 18
Great service 🙂 would use again if my mac breaks again, Matt and Julian were great, I was able to receive my laptop back in an hours time as I was in a rush to get back to London, highly recommend them, way better than a lot of other places in London. cheap, fast and reliable. kept me in contact constantly about the progress of my screen replacement.
14:24 10 Jan 18
Extremely helpful and did what they could to make the repair cost as little as possible. Laptop seems to be as good as new, they were easy to communicate with and very accommodating. Excellent service and I would highly recommend
Sara Guerrero
21:15 04 Dec 17

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