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Here’s how to setup your Out of Office Reply from your webmail portal when using Roundcube on an OSX Server.

Your portal address is normally set to https://osxserver.*your_domain_name/webmail

e.g. *your_domain_name ‘’ will be

1, Log in using your username and password

(In some cases this may require you to use your full email address as the Username)

2, Once logged into the webmail site, click on settings in the top right corner

3, In the settings tab, click on Filters

4, Two new columns will show. In the second column ‘Filters’ click the plus at the bottom ‘if’ the filter does not already exist.

*Note: If Applecheck setup your server it is most likely that this Filter setup already exists, if so, skip to 6, where you may need to change the ‘Message Body’ text


5, After doing this it will open the filter definitions where you can choose what to filter out. Make sure to click all messages under ‘For Incoming Mail’


6,  In the next box down you will choose what to do with the mail.

In the drop down menu click on ‘Reply with message’. Enter the message you want to send.
Make sure you add your email address in the field that states “My additional e-mail address(es):”
To ensure that you do not spam your clients with Out of Office replies, put ‘1’ in the bottom box
to only send one email to the client.

Note: Previous versions of Roundcube may not include “My additional e-mail address(es):” in which case this does not apply.

7, In addition to replying with an Out of Office email, you can send a copy of the email to a colleague. Press the plus on the right hand side of the screen and a new execute window will show. On the drop down menu click ‘Send message copy to’ and add the recipients email address

8. Click save at the bottom of the page and the filter/rule will become active.

Make sure to get someone to send you a test email to make sure all is working. To Disable this rule simply tick the ‘Filter disabled’ box and save.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 15.02.48


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  1. Applecheck Service says:

    All looks good Matt, cheers

  2. Lucille says:

    What happens if you don’t have the filter option?

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