Support Portal on iPhone and iPad


Here’s how to setup quick access to the Applecheck Support Portal on your iPhone or iPad

Note* This assumes that you already have your preferences set to store passwords within Safari. If not please click here

UPDATE! We now have an App for your iPhone. Simply visit http://www on you iPhone where you will be prompted in Install our Web App.

1, Launch Safari and enter


2, Enter your Email address and Password, then press ‘Log in’. When asked choose ‘Save Password’


3, Select the middle icon at the bottom of the screen and choose ‘Bookmark’


5, Change the name to ‘Applecheck Portal’


6, All Done! You now have quick access while on the move…


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  1. Applecheck Service says:

    There’s also a nice easy shortcut in the Applecheck Mobile App.
    Just visit on your mobile and you’ll be prompted to add the App from there.

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